What is a portable building?

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Portable buildings are prefabricated buildings, including offices, classrooms and ablutions, that are specially designed to be temporary or semi-permanent structures. These buildings can be removed from a site, transported on the back of trucks, and re-connected to utilities in a new location. Portable buildings enable an organisation to make the most effective use of their asset.

NSW Demountable Classrooms

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We recently came across a very interesting article. We are pleased to share some extracts from the paper, 'The NSW demountable classroom: an analytical study to improve this radical building solution for education' written by Ben Slee and Richard Hyde from the University of Sydney. The NSW demountable classroom continues to fulfil the function it

Modern Modular Learning Spaces

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Recent news coverage has highlighted the vital role that demountable classrooms play in the education system. Over 1400 new classrooms are required over the next 3 years* - and demountable classrooms provide quick, cost-effective, flexible and most importantly,comfortable learning spaces. Students and teachers gravitate towards our modular buildings because of the increased comfort. Studies have long

What materials are used in modular construction?

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Modular buildings have come a long way. Now, they offer some of the most comfortable, modern, and energy efficient buildings for offices, schools, mine sites, portable site offices and more. Why are they so good? Because modular buildings are made from the highest quality materials using modern construction techniques. What materials are used in modular

Proud Members of prefabAUS

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BlueSky Modular Buildings are proud to announce our 2019 membership with 'prefabAUS'. We are committed to advancing the modular building industry, and continuing our development towards even more sustainable building methods. This membership will ensure we remain at the forefront of developments, delivering even better results to our clients Australia wide. PrefabAUS is passionate about

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