Recent news coverage has highlighted the vital role that demountable classrooms play in the education system. Over 1400 new classrooms are required over the next 3 years* – and demountable classrooms provide quick, cost-effective, flexible and most importantly, comfortable learning spaces. Students and teachers gravitate towards our modular buildings because of the increased comfort.

Studies have long proven the advantages of a comfortable learning environment. Modern demountable learning spaces are spacious, air conditioned, and well lit. Modular buildings can also be customised with wet areas, sinks and air conditioned. This ensures the learning space suits the requirements of the students (such as wet areas for junior school arts classes or science benches with gas outlets for high school chemistry classes) and subjects they will be studying.

The challenge for school boards and education departments has been the rapid fluctuations in student numbers. Modular buildings enable schools to rapidly deploy learning spaces and classrooms to areas of need. Every BlueSky Modular building used for education typically includes opening windows, insulation, air conditioning, professionally painted Gyprock walls and carpet floor coverings.

The reported growth at Epping High School** (91 per cent in the past 10 years) has left the school with over 30 demountable classrooms. New plans will provide the school with a modular solution that could recover over 65% of the footprint for use as open space.

Children require space to learn, and to play. Older style, traditional portable classrooms have been single story. Schools have often had to sacrifice space to provide the footprint required for additional portable classrooms. Modern modular classrooms can be stacked to form 2 or 3 storey buildings. Reducing the footprint required by 50% or more. This frees up vital playground space for open space, fields, courts and play equipment.

Modular classrooms are faster than traditional builds, and can also be installed during holiday break periods.  This means there are no open construction sites during the school term. This reduces the disruption to students and staff, and ensures their safety.




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