Portable mining site offices and dongas

The BlueSky Modular range of mining site accommodation, dongas and buildings brings modern design and amenities to mining camps around Australia. From on site worker accommodation, to commercial kitchens, offices, storage sheds, ablutions and more, we can design and manufacture a complete range of transportable, modular mining camp buildings.

Mining Buildings

The comfort of workers on remote mining sites is paramount to employee satisfaction and engagement. Modular mining site buildings are designed to offer maximum comfort to mining site workers even in harsh climates. Basic and premium options enable buildings to be customised to suit the needs of miners, visitors, management and support staff. Your team can enjoy the comfort of an air conditioned space with natural and LED lighting, carpeted floors, kitchenettes and bathroom facilities equal to any traditional building.

Modular mine site buildings can be rapidly deployed to reduce the time before a site is operational. Each building is delivered to the mining camp ready for installation, reducing on site traffic movements and interruptions. Amenities such as accommodation, ablutions and offices can be added at anytime to suit the growth of mining sites as projects expand. When the project concludes, each portable mining site building can be transported to a new location.

The durable nature of modular buildings makes them perfect for use on mining sites. Modular buildings are cost effective and easy to repair, upgrade and maintain.

We build every mining site building to the same high standard as we would a commercial building or on-site cabin. Each BlueSky Modular building is customised to suit your requirements, providing you with the flexibility to choose Colourbond steel colours, carpet or vinyl floor coverings, gyprock walls, air conditioning, decking, doors, windows and amenities such as bathrooms or kitchenettes.

Customisable Options

Site Shed

Security Upgrades

You can upgrade the security of your modular building with locking bars for doors and window grills.

Kitchenette in Demountable Building


Flexible options to add staff amenities such as kitchenettes and laundry rooms.

Portable Site Office

Colourbond Colours

Choose from single or two-toned Colourbond colours to suit exisiting buildings.

Internal - Site Shed


Range of floor coverings including commercial carpet tiles and heavy duty vinyl.

Ablution Block


Include amenities such as toilets, showers and change room facilities.

Site Shed with Verandah

Outdoor Decking

Increase available space by adding a hardwood deck – covered with an awning for shelter.

Recent Projects

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