There are a number of advantages to prefabricated buildings. These buildings may also be referred to as modular buildings, portable buildings or demountables.

Prefabricated buildings are factory built around steel frames. This enables the building to be portable and and setup in a new location. This way they always remain an asset. Your space can be repurposed as your needs change, and move with you.

They are insulated and comfortable, pest resistant, durable, fully customisable, high wind rated, and are easily transportable by truck.

Prefabricated buildings can be installed in a fraction of the time taken for traditional construction. This means you can respond quickly to changes in staffing levels, enrolments, locations or group sizes. You can install a typical prefabricated office/classroom or ablution in 1-2 days, minimising any disruption to your organisation. Each building is custom designed – and can be single storey, or stackable.

The buildings are quick to install which to minimises the disruption that building work causes. From noise to other safety hazards – being able to complete the build in a fraction of the time has distinct advantages. This is particularly true for schools and other sites where safety is a major concern.

What are the benefits of prefabricated construction?

  1. Fast construction with builds being completed inn a fraction of the time.
  2. Lower building cost overall.
  3. Fewer tradespeople on site, for fewer days
  4. Minimal impact to organisation as there will be less noise, distraction and safety issues.
  5. You can still choose from a wide range of custom design options including colours, wall covering, floor covering and added amenities such as kitchenettes and bathroom facilities.
  6. They always remain a portable asset that can move with you, or be upgraded as your needs change.
  7. They are transportable, so particular for education or construction, they can be moved to new sites.
  8. If the needs of the organisation change, your modular building can be easily expanded or renovated to be repurposed.
  9. Each building includes all modern finishes such as carpet, plasterboard, LED lighting and air conditioning. You don’t have to sacrifice on your inclusions finish to go modular.

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