Why portable buildings are important for Covid-19?

Australian legislation requires that employers provide a safe working environment for employees. The Covid-19 pandemic has created a dramatic shift in how businesses operate in terms of providing spacious work environments for their staff. Many businesses simply do not have 4 square metres of available space per employee, but can look towards portable buildings to solve the problem and ensure compliance and safety. The Omicron variant simply reaffirms the need to maintain social distancing and enhanced hygiene practices.

Portable buildings provide additional space – fast. Social distancing requirements have meant that many workplaces require additional space for their employees – from the lunchroom, to offices, to first aid rooms. Where current space doesn’t allow for social distancing, you may wish to consider a temporary or permanent solution. They can also provide extra sanitation (i.e ablutions aight hand washing facilities) where these facilities were not readily available previously. The pandemic has not given workplaces time to build traditional buildings, and in some circumstances a more temporary solution is desirable. Portable buildings always remain an asset that can relocate with you, and are usually more cost effective than traditional builds.

The benefit of extra space means less risk of virus transmission – and the creation of internal ‘bubbles’ that separate staff groups. Staff can feel more at ease knowing that social distancing measures are enacted in their workplace.

What changes can be made to portable buildings in response to Covid-19?

Every BlueSky Modular Building is custom made. You may choose to add a kitchenette to restrict the number of employees sharing the same facilities and add additional hand washing facilities. Comfort can also be increased with air conditioning with HEPA filtration, additional opening windows with fly screens and more.

Hand sanitisation stations can be mounted to the exterior and interior of the building. Lever handle sets can be used to reduce the transmission of germs and virus through contact opening and closing the door.

Vinyl flooring and floors provides durable, easy to clean and sanitise flooring and wall coverings. The space can be easily mopped out and surfaces wiped down using antibacterial cleaners.

What types of buildings can be used to help in the fight against Covid-19?

First Aid Rooms: We can design and build portable first aid rooms up to hospital grade standards – with separate hand washing and sink facilities. These buildings are purpose designed and meet the highest standards. They feature a number of unique inclusions such as sanitisation stations, first aid kits, sharps disposal units and more.

Lunchrooms and Kitchenettes: These help staff adhere to social distancing whilst on breaks. Traditional lunchrooms may increase the risk of transmission due to the larger number of staff in the confined space, sharing the same communal facilities. A portable lunch room separates staff and provides a buffer against transmission.

Toilets and Ablutions: Hand hygiene and sanitation has never been more important. Extra ablution facilities help reduce the number of staff sharing communal facilities and also provides additional hand washing basins.

Office Space: One of the fastest ways too spread any illness would have to be hot desks and tight office environments. Portable buildings provide a fast and cost effective way to expand office space and provide workers with a safe environment adhering to the 4sqm social distancing requirements.

Customisable Options

Security Upgrades

Upgrade the security of your modular building with locking bars for doors and window grills.

  • Demountable Building - Lunchroom
  • Security Window Grill Bars
  • Airconditioned Site Office
  • Site shed


Flexible options to add staff amenities such as kitchenettes.

  • Kitchenette in Demountable Building

Colourbond Colours

Choose from single or two-toned Colourbond colours to suit exisiting buildings.

  • Commercial Modular Building
  • Demountable classroom
  • Site shed
  • Site shed


Range of floor coverings including commercial carpet tiles and heavy duty vinyl.

  • Demountable classroom interior
  • Site Office Interior
  • Interior demountable classroom


Include amenities such as toilets, showers and change room facilities.

  • Ablution Block
  • Portable Disabled Ablution Block
  • Sink and mirror in portable bathroom
  • Upgraded vanity and sink in portable toilet building
  • Portable Ablution Block

Decking and Ramps

Increase available space by adding a hardwood deck – covered with an awning for shelter.

  • Demountable OOSH classroom
  • Site Shed with Verandah
  • Exterior of Macarthur Girls High School
  • Site Shed with Verandah

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