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  • Demountable Classroom
  • Demountable Classroom

Our learning spaces offer modern and comfortable areas for

  • preschools
  • day care centres
  • primary schools
  • secondary schools
  • tertiary education providers.

You can customise your space to suit your needs and  respond to changes in student numbers. The spaces provide flexibility to cater to varied student numbers during the year.

Demountable Classrooms

Demountable classrooms offer bright and comfortable environments for students and teachers. You can move or expand the buildings if as needs change. Not only that, but modern learning spaces are quick to install. You can enjoy more room in a fraction of the time of a traditional building project. Each classroom is manufactured off site to minimise disruption and increase safety. This means that students are protected from any construction work. Even large two storey learning spaces can be installed in school holidays to minimise disruption.

Customisable options include:

  • energy efficient LED lighting
  • air conditioning
  • kitchenettes
  • bathrooms.

The facade of the spaces can be enhanced with a verandah. This also provides more covered space.

Accessibility options include:

  • ramps
  • disabled access doorways
  • disabled bathrooms
  • other features required for accessibility and ensure regulatory compliance.

Our range of classrooms are cost effective, easy to repair, upgrade and maintain. They are also flexible and economical. BlueSky Modular demountable classrooms are built to last.

Check out our recent demountable classroom and learning spaces projects!

Why Choose Us

We are proud to provided quality learning spaces to the education industry. From the initial inquiry to the handover of the keys, we will provide the highest level of service. You can be assured your classroom is important to us.

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