Portable buildings are prefabricated buildings, including offices, classrooms and ablutions, that are specially designed to be temporary or semi-permanent structures. These buildings can be removed from a site, transported on the back of trucks, and re-connected to utilities in a new location.

Portable buildings enable an organisation to make the most effective use of their asset.

Firstly, modular buildings can be easily moved to a new site. This helps an organisation respond to changing organisational needs. For example, an education department can allocate modular classrooms to areas of most needs. As a schools enrolments increase or decrease, buildings can be moved in our out.

If a business wishes to relocate their head office, a modular building can be quickly moved onto their new site. This reduces the downtime for staff, as portable buildings can be installed in a fraction of the time of a traditional build.

From time to time, traditional building works may mean a building or toilet block is unable to be used for a period of time. In this instance, a portable building can be installed to quickly replace the lost space and amenities. For example, a portable bathroom block may be needed by some homeowners during bathroom renovations.

Portable building can assist organisations of all types to respond to short or long term accommodation needs. Whether it’s 10 toilet blocks for a music festival, or cabins as emergency lodging for residents whose  homes may have been damaged in a natural disaster,  a new business that requires a temporary office whilst their new office is built.

The benefits of portable buildings include:

  • Quick build so the space is ready sooner
  • Low cost construction
  • Reduced WHS risks as building work is primarily conducted off site
  • Fast installation process to reduce disruption to staff and guests.
  • Flexible and customisable design
  • An asset that can be relocated and repurposed
  • Easy to add on new modules as needs change
  • Increased comfort – includes air conditioning, windows, insulation, verandahs, LED lighting, Gyprock walls and carpet floor coverings







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