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Modular change rooms and portable toilets are perfect when you need more workplace or sporting change room facilities in a hurry, or have a temporary sporting event.

The BlueSky Modular range of change rooms enables you to customise the space to suit your needs – including male toilets, urinals/troughs, female toilets, disabled bathrooms, showers, sinks and basins. Each can be fitted with hot water systems running on gas, electricity or solar power.

How quickly can modular change rooms blocks be installed?
Modular change rooms provide additional bathrooms for players, as well as space to change and shower – fast. Social distancing requirements have meant that many workplaces require additional space for their employees – and may also benefit from portable change rooms. Portable change room blocks provide extra sanitation (i.e ablutions with hand basins) where these facilities were not readily available previously. The pandemic has not given sports clubs and workplaces time to build traditional buildings, and in some circumstances a more temporary solution is desirable. Hand hygiene and sanitation have never been more important. Extra ablution facilities help reduce the number of staff sharing communal facilities and also provide additional hand washing basins.

Change Rooms

We design and manufacture demountable change rooms and blocks for sports clubs, local councils, hire companies, businesses, schools, events and more.

Portable change rooms feature toilets, showers, lockers and bench seating. Unisex, disabled, and large male/female combination blocks are available. Each block is plumbed and can be connected to sewer services or used in conjunction with a septic tank. We also custom build change rooms, shower blocks and ablution blocks to suit all worksite requirements.

Due to the flexible, modular construction, ablution blocks can be sized to suit your requirements as your needs change. Facilities can include change rooms, showers and are completely customisable. The durable nature of portable ablution blocks makes them perfect for commercial use. Modular ablutions are cost effective and easy to repair and maintain. They can be designed with ventilation as standard, ramps, disabled access doorways, disabled bathrooms or other features required to enhance accessibility and ensure regulatory compliance.

Each BlueSky Modular change room is finished to the highest standard. You can style the building with your choice of Colourbond steel colours, vinyl floors, and amenities including hot water, towel dispensers, hand dryers, showers and sinks.

When your needs change, you can relocate your asset to a new location.

Are demountable change rooms portable?
They are 100% portable and can be safely relocated a new site – making them perfect for events and construction. Ramps or stairs can be added to suit uneven ground. Each module is designed to be relocated, however they do (in most cases) need to be connected to water and sewerage. The change rooms also feature hot water services, so will require power. They are typically used to provide short term amenities for events and construction sites.

They can also be connected to tank water and septic tank systems.

Are disabled change rooms blocks available?
Specialist disabled change rooms with disabled toilets are manufactured for the comfort, safety and ease of access for people with a disability. The additional features and modifications found in a disabled change room ensures that the space meet the current building code requirements. Ramps are included to provide access as opposed to stairs. We have custom manufactured a number of change rooms, featuring change tables, showers, toilets and hand basins. The generously sized ablution blocks allow additional space for a carer or medical staff – along with plenty of room for a wheelchair or assistive devices.

Customisable Options

Disabled Toilet Facilities

Ensure that your site has suitable disabled ablutions and facilities to ensure the comfort of all on site.

  • Portable Disabled Ablution Block
  • Portable Disabled Ablution Block With Shower


Precast shower units with hot water – with shower curtains, seats, shelf units and basins in cubicles.

  • Portable Ablution Shower Block
  • Portable Disabled Ablution Block
  • Ablution block with shower

Non-Slip Vinyl Flooring

Non-slip vinyl is used in all ablutions – suitable for wet areas including change rooms, toilets and showers.

  • Ablution block with sinks
  • Demountable ablution block
  • Portable Ablution Block

Security Upgrades

Upgrade the security of your modular building with locking bars for doors and window grills.

  • Demountable Building - Lunchroom
  • Security Window Grill Bars
  • Airconditioned Site Office
  • Site shed

Decking and Ramps

Increase available space by adding a hardwood deck – covered with an awning for shelter.

  • Demountable OOSH classroom
  • Site Shed with Verandah
  • Exterior of Macarthur Girls High School

Colourbond Colours

Choose from single or two-toned Colourbond colours to suit exisiting buildings.

  • Commercial Modular Building
  • Demountable classroom
  • Site shed
  • Site shed
“We recently purchased a demountable building from Blue Sky Modular Buildings for our OOSH centre. Ben and his team were amazing and helped us through every stage. Ben kept us up to date on everything during the whole process. We are extremely happy with this company and would highly recommend Blue Sky to anyone looking expand their business. They were very efficient and worked with us to fit into our budget. We are looking to expand even further and will be using Blue Sky Modular Building again!”
Jenny Clarke, OOSH


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