Modular construction techniques are designed to quickly manufacture relocatable, temporary or semi-permanent structures. These buildings can be transported on the back of trucks and setup in a new location.

Each one is based on a durable, steel frame. They are pest resistant, high wind rated, and are easily transportable.

The ability to relocate and repurpose assets means you can quickly respond to changes in staffing levels, enrolments, locations or group sizes. For example, an education department can allocate modular classrooms to high demand locations. They can be built as free standing, single storey modules, or double – or even triple – story stackable modules.

Modules are built off site, so they can quickly provide you with the space you need. They can be installed in a fraction of the time of a traditional build. The buildings are typically installed in 1-2 days, which reduces the interruption to your organisation. The buildings will always remain an asset to the organisation, and are flexible enough to be repurposed to suit new needs as circumstances change.

The benefits of portable buildings include:

  • Modular construction is faster
  • Lower cost construction
  • Can be installed in a few days in most cases – no need to have tradespeople on site for 12+ weeks.
  • Fast installation process to reduce disruption to staff and guests.
  • Flexible and customisable design
  • Always remains asset
  • Easy to relocate or repurpose
  • Simply add on new modules to expand an existing modular construction project
  • Modern comforts and inclusions – including air conditioning, natural light, ceiling and wall insulation, verandahs, LED lighting, plasterboard walls and carpet floor coverings.

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